Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Football / Soccer designs 9 to 16

Well all the kit designs are finalised for the 32 teams so here's the next 8, dya recognise any of them!?! 17 to 24 next week or . . .

I've been posting two at a time on my Instagram account too #Box_Eds and have started to gather some followers. One of them being Luca Crosta #_LUCA_CROSTA_ the young talented AC Milan goalkeeper. He's only 16 years old but is 190cm tall or over 6ft 2 in old money. A big dude with a big future!

Anyway the easiest and most enjoyable part of designing my football paper toys is now out of the way, next comes a lot of repition. For each kit they'll be several different ethnicities, a sheet of numbers and letters to cut out for the back of the shirt and also a colouring in outline. I've also come across a few design errors, the main one being the eyebrows are a bit wonky so I'll have to tweak them for all the different variations. 

I'll do some prototypes this week to break up the monotony so will post some pics on Instagram and on here next week.

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