Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Paper Toy Army

My wee studio to share with the good folks at Pozible and all the Pozibileneans!!!

Monday, 11 February 2013

Pirate paper toy and a sort of galleon.

I've tweaked my Josh Homme Box Ed and made a pirate. Not much tweaking necessary but he needs a hat really . . . and a parrot . . . and a wooden leg . . . and a hook for a hand . . . maybe a cutlass . . . and treasure!!! 

Well he's got a galleon . . . sort of . . . a basic model but he'll be shivering timbers on the seven seas once I add some design and a splash of colour . . . and some cannons . . . and a plank to walk off . . . and he needs an eye patch. Well he's just gonna have to wait isn't he!!! He's got skulls on his shoes and belt buckle which will have to do him for the time being.

Paper toy fairy and tree house

Firstly, the photography is terrible, not my speciality. But if you can get past that you'll see the progress I've made with the latest version of my fairy.

She's had a bit of a make over - different hair style, a bit of rouge on her cheeks, a few frills on her dress and some accessories . . . well mushrooms and toadstools and a treehouse to play in!!! What more could a 21st century fairy ask for!?!

All this was made from 14 sheets of A3 paper and half a roll of sticky tape. I've popped a lego man in on a couple of pics for perspective.