Saturday, 29 September 2012

Box Ed variations

No new builds this week, still tinkering to perfect the template. So thought I'd share some of my ideas and sketches. I've always seen my paper toys as being a family, coming in a range of themes and genres. Now that the footy season is outta the way I can start to concentrate on a set of pirates or robots or who knows!?!

Monday, 24 September 2012

Hawthorn, Sydney, Collingwood, Adelaide.

Footy Finals fever has had Victoria (at least) gripped for the last few weeks and things are coming to the boil. Sydney and Hawthorn will meet in the final after overcoming Collingwood and Adelaide respectively. So in celebration of the those marauding Sherrin chasers I've customised my Box Eds with the teams colours as well as trying to reflect a certain amount of the ethnic mix that blossoms in Australia. 

I've added paper fasteners between the head and body, and also to the arms so they become a bit more animated. Further tweaks and changes are still needed to reach the professional standard I'd like. And I'm not happy with a certain brand of sticky tape which claims to be invisible but is clearly not! But hopefully by the start of the 2013 AFL season these guys will be available to fans of Footy throughout Victoria and beyond, and in whichever guernsey you barrack for!?!

Click on an image to enlarge.

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Footy Ed and Fairy Ed covers

I know within the paper toy community that work is usually offered to download for free. Whilst I respect the paper engineers and designers that do this, I believe there is a market to sell paper toys to the public. I've drawn on-the-spot caricatures at markets for years, and though I made a few dollars doing this I 've always wanted to have a product to sell to those people who aren't brave enough to sit down and have me make friendly fun of them!

I'm working towards making my fairy and footy box ed's into a product that I could sell at craft markets. The designs for the actual toys are nearly complete but I want to sell a package, an experience that customers can engage with after they've made the toy. So this week I've knocked together some covers that the paper toys would be sold in. On the inside of the cover would be a scene or background that would go behind the paper toy.

Whaddya think?

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Footy Ed

This week I've made a Footy Ed. That's footy as in the Aussie rules egg chasing variety celebrated most ferociously in my current residence of Melbourne. I'm modeling the zebra like stripes of the Collingwood Magpies, who appear to be the Manchester United of the competition. The photos are a bit poor, taken with my camera phone. I've struggled a bit with the net for the ball, but with a few further tweaks I should have a ship shape Sherrin!

I've got some extra time on my hands in the next couple of weeks so will be posting some bumper updates. Watch this space!

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Pozible Fairy!?!

Thanks to the folks at Pozible for a great workshop this week. Pozible is a crowdfunding site which I'm hoping to launch a campaign on in the coming months. Well if Punk Paper and Foldable Me can do it why not Box Eds!?! Got some great ideas, met some great people and had some great wine and nibbles!

First day of spring in Melbourne so I made this Fairy Box Edwina with my 4 year old daughter. As we were built it outside whilst enjoying the sunshine we thought we'd take some photos of Edwina in her natural habitat! Had a play around with a border too, need to take a bit more time and care with it. However this week I'm gonna work on my logo so will have it looking a bit more professional next week.