Monday, 24 March 2014

Free Easter Bunnies!

Momentum continues to build in my Etsy shop as I've almost hit my goal for the month, which was to double my number of views. After following and favouriting and creating a few treasuries I have just under a week to collect another 200 views or so to hit my target.

I've started to Instagram which must have helped (Box_Eds is my hashtag name thingy!) Posting instant pics of work in progress helps to keep the creative process trucking along. I've tentatively dipped my toe into other social media avenues but I'd rather be making and creating than marketing.

One way I am hoping to market my goods is with an old college friend from over in the UK. She's the big cheese in charge of Little Party Pack a great place to plan and pick up supplies for your next childrens party. Little Party Pack offers complete parties in a box, beautifully styled and delivered straight to your door. LPPs party supplies are exclusive to us and their party ranges are designed with children in mind to offer fun, themed craft activities, adorable favours and fabulous essential party supplies from tableware, to invites, banners and cake boxes.

I had hoped that an increase in views would lead to the welcoming side effect of bringing more sales but alas so far they have been elusive. I'll make that my goal for April I think, to double my sales, though generating sales is a bit more of a mystery to me. More products will definitely help so here's a taste of my latest creations - download your very own blue bunch, pink posse, brown battalion or white woodle(!?!) of easter bunnies to slap all over your desktop!

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Flat Eds Jungle Paper Crafts now available on Etsy!

So I've got my latest Flat Eds up on Etsy after a quick fire photo shoot over the weekend. I upgraded the paper I used this time to 200gsm and I think the quality definitely shows in the photographs. I'm still needing to work on my lighting and setup for my products, perhaps showing them more in context with my kids playing with them.

I've had no sales whatsoever since christmas which surprisingly hasn't left me too depressed!!! What I constantly hear from the forums in Etsy is to persevere, keep tweaking and changing photos and SEO and growing a social media presence. So I'm now on Instagram as BOX_EDS and also on Wanelo

Adding more inventory to my shop will hopefully bring some sales, so I've got a snake and a tiger to follow very soon. Also working on some Easter bunnies and with only 99 days until the World Cup I plan to launch a big line up of Football Flat Eds!