Saturday, 15 September 2012

Footy Ed and Fairy Ed covers

I know within the paper toy community that work is usually offered to download for free. Whilst I respect the paper engineers and designers that do this, I believe there is a market to sell paper toys to the public. I've drawn on-the-spot caricatures at markets for years, and though I made a few dollars doing this I 've always wanted to have a product to sell to those people who aren't brave enough to sit down and have me make friendly fun of them!

I'm working towards making my fairy and footy box ed's into a product that I could sell at craft markets. The designs for the actual toys are nearly complete but I want to sell a package, an experience that customers can engage with after they've made the toy. So this week I've knocked together some covers that the paper toys would be sold in. On the inside of the cover would be a scene or background that would go behind the paper toy.

Whaddya think?


  1. I love your idea but please don't be over greedy such as shin tanaka, wanting $60 usd upwards for a paper toy? If you steer clear of the high prices you will stand a chance in the market... ^__^

  2. Wise words Greenelf! I'm originally a working class Northern English lad so I've always seen these as a toy for the common man. Something little Johnny or Joanna Snotnose could buy for less than a shilling and still have change for a sherbert fountain!