Saturday, 18 January 2014

Flat Heads Paper Crafts

So I got my Fairy Eds onto Etsy before xmas, and whilst they haven't been the run away success I dreamt of, I've learnt a lot. Marketing and promotion are skills I need to work on, but to be a success on Etsy and in general I will have to build and strengthen my networks.

Whilst I'm continuing to design and test my next set of Box Eds I've started to work on some simpler paper crafts - Flat Eds. The design of these have come from what I've learnt over the last couple of months about who my ideal customer is. It seems obvious now but I worked out it's my wife! My ideal customer is a young, funky mother who is looking for a simple, fun, educational activity for their kids that doesn't make too much mess or involve screens and is reasonably priced. I always knew Box Eds would be better suited to children 7 and over but for those 7 and under I'd need a 'gateway' paper craft.

I've retained the same principles of big bold design and using as much of the paper as possible. They can be used as banners and bunting, birthday cards and for story telling and role play. So the kids and I have been road testing the first designs for Flat Heads - Flat Head farm. Although an Elephant does seem to have wandered randomly onto the paddock!

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