Saturday, 25 August 2012

Before the beginning

I was going through some old sketch books this afternoon and I found my first paper toy sketches and realised that there was a before the beginning of my last post. So this week is a prequel of sorts. 

The sketches below offer you a glimpse into my tiny mind, and the process I've gone through to develop the paper toys in last week's post. I've filled a few sketch books with this kinda stuff but I've omitted the pages where my mind wandered and I started drawing boobies and willies and rude stuff! Click any of these images to make them bigger.

The sketches show how I've attempted to work out nets and templates that could be used for a range of themes. I wanted to keep it simple so that my kids (I have a 4 and a six year old) could put them together. I also needed a style that would appeal to them and would allow me to make only a few changes to come up with a different character. It's taken a lot of tinkering and tweaking but I'm getting there.

From these sketches I started to add a little bit of polish and worked up some images on an iPad.

Then I took a couple of these characters, Frank Jnr. and Kodilocks, and started making prototypes. I'm still tinkering and tweaking things but reckon I'm not far from a finished 'product' whatever that may mean!?!

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