Thursday, 13 December 2012

Box Eds Homes

I've always seen papertoys as having an extended life after they've been built. Collections look cool sat on the shelf, but the audience I've always had in mind has been kids and kids love to roleplay. So I've been working on prototypes for 'homes' where Box Edward and Box Edwina can live and play! 

There's two versions of the stadium, the second has a little more height than the first. You can see some bits of design in the treehouse but I felt I needed to get the structures right as this will dictate how the designs are illustrated. I got desperate for parts at one stage with the treehouse and stole some bits from one of the fairies! 

I'll put up colour versions in a couple of weeks, hopefully I'll get some time over the holiday season. Both the treehouse and the second stadium stand at about 40cm high.

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